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Интерактивное оборудование

From innovative equipment were presented to antivandal-proof multi-functional stand, chair,table boxes, to lecture halls, conference caught and the Bureau, our own production. 

Antivandal complex teachers' Basis 6 "  
Multifunction table of teachers "Basis 5"
Interactive Lecture Complex Rapporteur
"The basis of 6"
Interactive Lecture Antivandal
Complex teachers Tribune "Basis 6"

Own production base, allows a profile table with all the individual

suggestions and any content.

Photos of the interactive table of teachers at an Exhibition 

Network Monitor, working via USB.

It is worth noting the main benefits of network monitors

a) reduce noise levels by 90% in a class by reducing the number of system units in the class up to a Host-PC.
b) the savings in air conditioning by reducing by 90% the number of full-fledged PCs that produce heat.
c) the elimination of problems connected with the replacement of a large number of older computers and their disposal.
d) Reducing the cost by purchasing online versions PO.d) Reducing Power Consumptionof Energy by 90%

Interactive, Vandal proof,
Multifunction table of teachers "Basis 5"
Production Antivandal dining "Basis 5"
all colors and sizes
Multifunctional complex 
presidium "Basis 6" 

Integrated production of furniture caught konfirents 

Multi-function interactive whiteboard without a projector with a built-in PC. "Basis Eboord55"

(Hand and pen input) from the series just plug into the socket. 

Interactive whiteboard without a projector, "Basis Eboord" 

Vandal, multi-touch panel for three
  "Basis Eboord"




The same panel were presented with various interactive software 
Interactive panel software
student guide"
software  adapt to need school


More on software 

Photos of interactive panels "Reliable" MFPs and   "Bazis Eboord 55"    
The most relevant of the equipment was presented by Digital Educational Tool module.Managers 'South Baseclearly demonstrated the simplicity of working with preinstalledsoftware schedule.
User of the practical and provides quick access to information. The administrative part ofthe expense of a convenient Web interface, and allow them to use something withoutanything more knowledgeTSOIM allows you to display the schedule of election activitiesfor the day of the week with an indication of classrooms and teachers.
The output board concluded presentation of various media (photos, video, audio).


Products produced by "South Base" build the interests of all heads of educationalinstitutions, from schools, military schools to universities.
Production of "South Base" are in demand all over Russia and CIS.

A unique compact budget needed was represented on the interactive device companyEIKI I.


   I-KIT is connected to a laptop or PC with a USB cable and gives the projection of any function of interactivity. That is, any projection there are all those functions, that of the popular interactive projector EIKI LC-XIP2500.
The use of this device is very advantageous when the audience is already equipped with conventional projectors

The greatest  nterest of visitors caused a range of interactive stands forum of its own design company, "FACILITIES - South"  which is made specifically for educational institutions, the budget required for full functionality with the Simplified design fits into the price category up to 100,000 rubles. Tribune Interactive has a built-in interactive computer and monitor, the kit includes a keyboard and mouse, built-in speaker and microphone. Tribune has all the necessary connectors for connecting various external devices, such as any multimedia projector, document camera, flash cards, notebooks, and other various devices. Built-in locks protect the Tribune and its equipment from unauthorized access. Tribune Interactive is ideal for seminars, lectures, presentations.The complete interactive projector EIKI LC-XIP2600 allows reports in an interactive full-duplex mode (speaker with a pointer at the screen and speaker in the forum may run concurrently). Manage the presentation and make any notes you can with your finger tips, built-in speaker and microphone make your statement available to a wider audience.Tribune is fully adapted to work with any interactive software. Tribune Interactive Ltd. "BASE - South" have been successfully used in educational institutions on the territory of the Russian Federation

 песочная анимация.столики для анимации.Терапия песком.пескотерапия.
сенсорные панели.интерактивные доски
трибуны.интерактивные трибуны.трибуны для выступлений.
столики.для детей. интерактивные столы для детских учреждений.
панель.интерактивное решение.
Боец 2.1 - серия стационарных тренажеров.jpg

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